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Patrice M. Muchowski, Sc.D.


Patrice M. Muchowski, Sc.D., Sr. Vice President of Clinical Services,  is  a licensed psychologist,  an associate in the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry and a clinical instructor in Harvard University’s Department of Psychology.


Dr. Muchowski holds a doctor of science degree and a master’s of science degree from Boston University, in addition to the following professional certifications: National Certified Addiction Counselor (NAADAC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADAC), Master Addictions Counselor (MAC), and Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders (APA).


Dr. Muchowski has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, with a specialization in the treatment of women with addiction, and dual diagnosis.


David W. Hillis
Member, AAC Board of Directors
Jeffrey W. Hillis, J.D, M.B.A
President and CEO
Patrice M. Muchowski, Sc.D
Sr. Vice President of Clinical Services
David W. Hillis Jr.. M.S, L.M.H.C, C.A.D.A.C-II. L.A.D.C-I
Vice President of Outpatient Operations
Joan. L Bertrand, M.B.A, PHR, SPHR
Vice President of Human Resources
Marcella Rivard, C.P.A., M.B.A.
Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Treasurer
Mohammad Alhabbal, MD
Medical Director
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