Edith Jacob is a dedicated executive administrative assistant at AdCare Hospital, bringing years of experience to the team. Edith’s commitment to her job goes beyond administrative duties; she also plays a crucial role in shaping the positive experiences of new hires.

At AdCare, Edith is the welcoming face that new employees encounter during orientation. “I take being the first person they see at orientation very seriously and strive to do everything I can to make orientation a positive experience,” she says. “I find it exciting to be an example of good things to come and assure them that they made the right choice in joining our team.”

Before taking on her current position, Edith held various positions at our facility, including human resources generalist, human resources specialist, and benefits specialist. This multifaceted experience in HR, coupled with her dedication to creating positive experiences for new hires, makes her an invaluable asset to our staff.