Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient addiction treatment at AdCare begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each patient’s unique situation and needs. This includes assessing the level of addiction, determining if there are any underlying medical or psychological conditions to be addressed, and developing a personal recovery plan.

Unlike AdCare’s outpatient services, which are more flexible and counseling-based, our inpatient services at AdCare Hospital and AdCare Rhode Island treat alcohol and drug dependency from a medical perspective and focus on easing physical dependence. Below are some of the services offered within our inpatient addiction program.


A crucial first step toward recovery, detoxification is a 3-to-5-day process of ridding the patient’s body of toxins to ease physical dependence on alcohol or drugs. Medical professionals monitor withdrawal symptoms 24/7, and comfort medications are provided to help with any nausea or anxiety.

The detoxification process is individualized and confidential, and it also includes a daily program designed to increase the patient’s understanding of addiction and recovery.

Crisis Stabilization Unit

Crisis Stabilization Unit services are designated for patients with both addiction and signs of underlying psychiatric complications. AdCare staff will perform a psychiatric evaluation of the patient and determine what medications or therapies are needed to stabilize symptoms.

Rehabilitation and Residential Programs

Like detoxification, rehabilitation is a critical part of a patient’s recovery process. Rehabilitation typically lasts between 14 and 28 days and deals with the clinical aspects of addiction. After being assigned a primary counselor and a case manager, each patient develops a personalized plan and receives coping skills, medical guidance, counseling, and more.

Residential services are reserved for patients with more easily managed medical and psychiatric conditions. Patients here are monitored for any medical issues and are, as in rehabilitation, given a counselor and case manager.

Inpatient Family Services

When family members and friends get involved in their loved one’s recovery process, wonderful things can happen. Through our Family Program, families receive the counseling and support they need, both to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery and to begin to heal themselves.

For more information on what to expect from AdCare’s inpatient services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. And remember, you don’t need a friend or relative currently enrolled with AdCare to get in touch.