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For over 45 years, AdCare has helped individuals and families struggling with alcohol and drug use…one life at a time.

The AdCare name represents innovation, quality, and cost efficiency in treating alcohol and drug dependency. Our addiction recovery center provides a comprehensive approach to care.

Integrated Care Delivery System

AdCare’s integrated system of care offers a range of accessible treatment centers, including:

  • Our nationally-recognized inpatient hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Our second inpatient treatment center, located in North Kingston, Rhode Island
  • A network of outpatient facilities, conveniently located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island

AdCare advocates for quality, patient-centered programs that respond to the challenges of the healthcare environment. AdCare’s range of treatment levels enables us to match the needs of each patient with the right level of care at the right cost.

For more information, please call 866-739-7692 to learn more about addiction recovery that meets you where you are.

The AdCare Mission

Improving the lives of our patients and their families by providing safe, effective, recovery-based alcohol and drug treatment.

Vision Statement

  • Expand our leadership role in the advancement of alcohol and drug addiction treatment by providing a continuum of quality inpatient/outpatient services.
  • Initiate, promote, and develop collaborative research studies designed to improve clinical outcomes.
  • Develop, expand, and evaluate treatment services and interventions.
  • Advocate that treatment works through community education, professional education and by promoting public policy as it relates to alcohol and drug addiction.

AdCare Values

  • A culture of excellence in customer service.
  • Delivering and promoting services in a safe environment.
  • Compassionate and professional interactions.
  • Active promotion of self-help.
  • Respect for patients, families, and co-workers as individuals.
  • Enhancing staff competence.

A Tradition of Caring

We believe that addiction is a disease that affects not only the individual, but his or her family as well. Successful treatment requires placement at the appropriate level of care and involvement of the family throughout the treatment continuum. This treatment philosophy has allowed us to advocate for the patient while remaining responsive tothe interests of commercial healthcare companies, Medicare, and other insurers.

The AdCare name represents innovation, quality and cost efficiency in alcohol and drug treatment. AdCare’s integrated system of care offers a nationally-recognized hospital facility in Worcester, Massachusetts; an inpatient treatment center in North Kingstown, Rhode Island; and a network of outpatient offices conveniently located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

AdCare embraces a philosophy of quality-driven, patient-centered programs that are also relevant to the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. AdCare’s continuum of treatment levels and modalities enables us to match the needs of the patient with the most appropriate level and cost of care.

For a copy of AdCare Hospital’s annual Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) report, please contact rmeagher@adcare.com or 508-799-9000 x3072

Come Join Our Team!

When you join AdCare, you become part of our family. As a member of the team, employees have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals each and every day. AdCare seeks talented individuals who are passionate, empathetic, engaged in their work and dedicated to serving people. Together, we can enable our patients to live healthier lives.

AdCare offers employees Total Rewards, a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that meets today’s complex healthcare, insurance, and personal needs.

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** Adcare is a network of American Addiction Centers facilities. We do not host any form of advertisement on this website, no funding is generated from any advertising or external sources, and there is no conflict of interest to disclose on this website or the content herein. Our funding is generated by substance abuse treatment services provided at our facilities.

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