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Veteran & First Responder Rehab Program

Addiction Treatment in MA & RI
Learn about customized addiction rehab available for Vets & first responders or check your benefits for coverage of addiction treatment services.
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Program Overview

The professional lives of first responders and military service members are unique. The act of doing the job may result in violence, injury, trauma, or grief. In sacrificing so much to help others, our nation’s heroes are too often left with few resources to help themselves. That’s why we’re here to provide quality addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment for Veterans and first responders.

Program Details

AdCare’s Salute to Recovery program is open to both Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and to first responders (both current and retired), including:

  • Emergency medical services providers.
  • Firefighters.
  • Emergency dispatchers.
  • Police officers.
  • Correctional and probation officers.
VA Community Care

AdCare is in the VA’s network of community care providers. When a Veteran is unable to get the necessary treatment they need through the VA, they may be eligible to attend a care facility outside of the VA through the community care program.

Veterans eligible to receive community care through the VA may be able to come to an AdCare facility for treatment and have their care paid for by the VA. For questions, please call .

Our Treatment

We’ve tailored our program, which is focused on post-traumatic growth and wellbeing, to fit your experience and support your recovery. Our treatment includes:

  • Co-occurring disorder treatment.
  • Trauma groups.
  • Behavioral therapy.
  • Trauma-based therapies.
  • 12-Step groups.
  • Pain management.
  • Coping skills.
  • Relapse prevention strategies.
  • Emotional regulation strategies.
  • Nutrition guidance.
  • Recreational and alternative therapies.
  • Aftercare planning.

Every member of our team is dedicated to the successful recovery of each service member who comes to us for care. Our staff of professionals includes veterans and personnel trained in military culture, allowing for stronger understanding of each veteran’s specific needs.

Our Locations
A Typical Day in Treatment at AdCare
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Therapy Group (75 minutes)
11:00 am
Therapy Group (75 minutes)
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Therapy Group (75 minutes)
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Therapy Group (75 minutes)
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Our Mission

We are passionate about the lifelong recovery of Veterans and first responders whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse and mental health issues such as PTSD.

The rate of Veteran suicide—an average of 22 per day in the U.S.—is tragically high. We want to lower that number by extending the best addiction treatment and co-occurring disorder care to these communities. And as an authorized community care provider, we can offer necessary, lifesaving treatment to Veterans who may not be able to receive it with the VA.

What AdCare Rhode Island Offers

Your recovery awaits you at AdCare Rhode Island.
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    Evidence-Based Treatment

    You'll be able to participate in therapies to address the negative thought processes and maladaptive coping skills that perpetuate your drug or alcohol use.

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    Medications to Support Recovery

    AdCare offers medication-assisted treatment, which means medications used in combination with therapy, to support long-term recovery.

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    Trauma Groups

    Trauma is a sadly common part of the lives of Veterans and first responders. Our program helps you delve into and learn ways to handle past traumas that don't involve alcohol or drugs.

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    Topics You Care About

    In our Veterans program, we'll cover topics relevant to you that include handling grief and loss; creating a healthy work/life balance; and finding healthy ways to handle stress and traumatic memories.

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    How to Utilize Veteran & Active Military Benefits for Rehab

    Although you may have some out-of-pocket deductibles or co-pays costs, you can count on VA benefits to handle a portion of the costs. You can also stack your benefits if you have insurance coverage through private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE. Learn more