Brian T. Hutson has worked as a systems analyst at AdCare Hospital for over a decade. With a diverse background in managing organizational-level projects and providing effective business solutions, Brian ensures compliance and efficiency in healthcare settings.

In his role at AdCare, Brian leverages his skills to understand and improve workflows and processes, leading to timely and effective resolutions. His expertise extends to troubleshooting and effectively communicating findings with developers and QA associates, contributing to seamless system operations. Brian also actively assists in the customization and deployment of advanced clinical systems, staying at the forefront of the latest advancements and trends in healthcare technology.

Brian’s extensive experience with electronic health record systems has been instrumental in managing the storage and retrieval of patient data at AdCare. Through IT solutions, he enhances the rapid communication of patient information in a legible format, ultimately improving medication safety by reducing the risk of errors. Brian’s dedication to staying informed about accreditation guidelines showcases his commitment to maintaining the highest standards in healthcare practices.