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One of the most harmful effects of alcohol and drug addiction is the damage it causes to families. At AdCare, we firmly believe that family members and friends deserve to participate in their loved one’s treatment process, both to increase the chances of a successful recovery and to receive counseling and support for themselves. Our addiction family counseling program is designed to help loved ones get involved and begin to heal.

Benefits of Family Support During Addiction Treatment

No two roads to recovery are the same, but patients at all levels of addiction treatment benefit from family support. Consider just a few of the advantages of bringing family members and friends into the recovery process:

  • When loved ones participate, it removes much of the shame and stigma of addiction, allowing for honesty and positivity moving forward.
  • When family members are better educated about addiction and recovery, they are more prepared to be supportive and can help the patient avoid relapse in the future.
  • By receiving counseling and guidance themselves, loved ones can rebuild their own lives and relationships with one another.
  • Family members can learn how their actions may have contributed to or enabled addiction.
  • Talking things out with professional counselors in a neutral forum can help everyone communicate more honestly, leading to a strengthened family unit.

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Family Counseling and Support Services at AdCare

To help family members and friends get involved in the recovery process, AdCare offers a wide range of services through our addiction family counseling program.

Individual and group counseling, educational sessions, and mentoring are all available at AdCare HospitalAdCare Rhode Island, and our outpatient clinics. We also offer intervention help for loved ones who may be experiencing difficulty coming to terms with their alcohol or drug addictions.

In addition, we provide even more family support options through our alumni app. While the alumni app is designed to help patients stay engaged with one another and connected to recovery resources, it now offers resources for family members of patients, too.

The Family Support Team allows family members of current and past patients to benefit from the following:

  • A peer support network where families can share content and interact with other families of current or past patients
  • A recovery counter, allowing family members to track important milestones for themselves and/or their loved one
  • Inspirational content, videos, surveys, and podcasts all designed to keep users engaged
  • A gratitude journal to jot down positive moments

At AdCare, we understand the value of family participation when it comes to recovery. We also understand the desire for privacy at this time, therefore the Family Support Team feature of our alumni app is completely separate from the rest of the app, ensuring security for all participants.

To learn more about how your family can get involved with a loved one’s addiction treatment and recovery process, call AdCare today. And remember, it’s not necessary to have a relative or friend currently enrolled at an AdCare facility to get in touch.

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One-on-one sessions are also available to individuals affected by a loved one’s addiction. It is not necessary to have a family member or friend enrolled at an AdCare facility to attend.

The information and support services offered in our outpatient clinics are complimentary and open to anyone concerned about a family member, friend, or co-worker’s alcohol or drug use.

For more information, call 508-453-3053.

*If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide 24 hours notice so that we may allow others who need appointments access to treatment in a timely manner.  

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