With an impressive 18 years of dedicated service in the field of addiction, Jessica O’Connor stands as a seasoned and compassionate professional committed to guiding individuals on their journey to recovery. She currently works as a counselor at AdCare’s residential treatment center in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Jessica is a licensed chemical dependency professional who has not only demonstrated a commitment to the highest standards in addiction counseling but has also embraced innovative therapeutic approaches. Recently becoming trained as an Auricular Acupuncture Technician, she is equipped to provide auricular acupuncture (AcuDetox) to patients, offering them an alternative coping strategy.

Additionally, Jessica has completed the training requirements to become a chemical dependency clinical supervisor and is currently pursuing specialized credentials in problem gambling and co-occurring HIV and substance use disorders.

Jessica brings a wealth of experience, empathy, and a commitment to holistic care, having held various positions at Gateway Assertive Community Treatment Team, the Galilee Mission, the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, and the Washington-Kent Family Care Community Partnership.

As a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), Jessica brings a unique perspective to her counseling, fostering a sense of connection and understanding with those on the path to recovery. Her bilingual proficiency, with certification as a Spanish interpreter, further enhances her ability to connect with a diverse range of individuals seeking support.