Maria Fullam, AdCare Worcester’s Executive Administrative Coordinator, brings over 22 years of dedicated service to the healthcare industry, with the past 5 years specifically contributing to the success of AdCare Addiction Rehab in Worcester. Recognized for her unwavering attention to detail and effective representation, Maria has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence.

As the Patient Advocate at AdCare, Maria plays a crucial role in ensuring patient concerns are heard and addressed. Her responsibilities extend to organizing and managing schedules, providing valuable resources and support for staff, and spearheading innovative projects aimed at enhancing office support.

Maria’s passion for patient advocacy is evident in her proactive approach to meeting with patients, validating their concerns, and collaborating with the staff to implement effective solutions. Her role extends beyond the administrative realm, as she actively supports the counseling team and collaborates with various departments to guarantee the highest quality of care for patients.

With a track record of success and a passion for fostering positive change, Maria Fullam stands as a key asset in the dynamic environment of AdCare Worcester.