Why Outpatient Treatment May be the Best Option for You

Battling a substance use disorder may have taken control of your entire life. Impacting friendships. Social activities. Marriage. And perhaps even your ability to hold down a job.

But treatment is readily available to help you to not only get sober, but to live a life of long-term sobriety. Treatment doesn’t have to take control of your life in the same way that drugs or alcohol have. AdCare Treatment Centers offers four outpatient locations to accommodate you and your personal and professional responsibilities, and to treat your addiction so that you can lead a healthy, productive, and sober life going forward.

Find Outpatient Treatment Programs by Location

AdCare Treatment Centers is part of the American Addiction Centers family, a nationwide leader in addiction treatment. The AdCare facilities are located throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Outpatient locations include:

Substance abuse has probably done enough damage that you may feel defeated. However, with outpatient treatment at an AdCare facility, you are safe, supported, and cared for. Not to mention, you will have some control over your schedule so that you can take care of your health without missing a beat at home and on your job. Choosing between your health and responsibilities shouldn’t be a choice that anyone has to make.

What To Expect from Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment provides a comprehensive assessment and evaluation. The medical staff determines the extent of substance dependency of the individual and utilizes this information to suggest the next steps. Right from the start you’re put on the road that can lead to success.

With intensive outpatient programs, individuals have the options to attend three-hour evening sessions 3-5 times a week or they may attend day programs up to all seven days a week.

Sessions include:

  • Self-help participation.
  • Focused education sessions.
  • Group and individual counseling.
  • Skills groups.

And whether you’re commuting from a nearby state or live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, if you ever have downtime between treatment and responsibilities at home or at work, use the time to enjoy what the New England states have to offer.

From the historic Towers near South Kingstown, to the William C. O’Neil Bike Path, to the Salty Brine State Beach, there is plenty of opportunities to enjoy the venues and scenery that can support your treatment and road to recovery in Rhode Island. If your treatment happens to be near Warwick or Greenville, find things to do in those areas.

And if you live in Massachusetts,  you have the good fortune to be near Adams National Historical Park, Marina Bay, and the USS Salem & United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum. Look for exciting attractions near Worcester to find what excites you!

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to go visit any of the places mentioned when I actually live right in town?” But part of treatment is taking time to focus on yourself, and as long as it doesn’t interfere with the program, your doctor’s orders, and your responsibilities at home, why not experience something new right in your home town?

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AdCare has multiple locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, making it easily accessible to most parts of New England. We offer an integrated system of care and have been helping individuals and families struggling with addiction for 45 years. Take the next step toward recovery: learn more about our addiction treatment programs in MA and RI or learn about how rehab is affordable for everyone.