Telehealth Rehabilitation Services

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Americans to stay home, and for those struggling with addiction or working to stay in recovery, it can be an especially trying time. AdCare is here to help you through it.

We are bringing online substance abuse counseling and other outpatient services right to your home. When you’re unable to leave your home, this convenient new treatment option removes the barrier to outpatient treatment and provides the support you need to get and stay in recovery from addiction.

Receiving treatment via telehealth has many benefits, including:

  • Eliminating transportation time and costs of going to outpatient treatment.
  • Eliminating the need to take PTO from work.
  • Removing the need to arrange for childcare or elder care when you’re away.
  • Reducing unnecessary exposure to illnesses such as COVID-19.

AdCare will be providing outpatient services available at the following locations via telehealth for the foreseeable future:

Available telehealth services include day treatment, intensive outpatient therapy (IOP), early recovery groups, and individual and family therapy. Patients will partake in virtual sessions with a licensed counselor instead of in-person meetings. We will make an exception and allow for regular visits in the case that the patient does not own a computer or smartphone. AdCare’s outpatient offices will remain open to provide services as necessary.

You can take confidence that all telehealth are completely confidential and that we take every possible to protect your privacy. AdCare’s telehealth service comply with the strict standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

If you’re unsure whether your insurance covers telemedicine, we are happy to go over your benefits and eligibility with you via or you can check online via .

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