The Role Technology Plays in Drug and Alcohol Recovery

We live in a society saturated with social media, smartphones and so many new platforms that posting is now a preferred method of communication. So, is technology harmful or helpful when it comes to recovery? Substance misuse recovery has a long history of using technology to aid in the process. Many programs use it to help comfort those in recovery during their treatment.

However, Some studies suggest that the reinforcement and reward of using technology can enable people’s dependence on technology, which can complicate recovery and addiction treatment. Even internet games and social media can trigger a similar response in the brain to certain drugs, producing a dopamine response.

Let’s take a closer look at the role of tech in recovery and how AdCare Treatment Hospital and its parent company American Addiction Centers is using tech, like the Alumni App, to help support the sobriety journey.

Modern Technology and Addiction

Modern technology, however complicated, still plays an important role in substance abuse recovery today. Despite the addictive qualities of smartphones, computers, the internet, and social media, each of these technologies offers some benefits for recovering addicts. For example, social media can help those in recovery find the right support groups they need or even recovery services in their area. Never has the world been so connected, which massively improves the accessibility and diversity of recovery services.

Smartphones have hundreds if not thousands of addiction support and recovery apps that you can download to set reminders, track recovery times, and find a specific form of support for recovery. The accessibility that this technology provides is simply unprecedented. Beyond our basic, everyday tech, however, there are other technologies playing an even more active role in directly treating or managing addiction.

American Addiction Centers Alumni APP

The Alumni App launched in 2020 and provides a way to connect to a supportive recovery community, access tools, and resources, and get insight from addiction treatment experts as alumni continue their recovery journey post-treatment. Research has shown having a positive support network, can help reduce the risk of relapse. Alumni can message each other within the App, track and share recovery milestones, and post content to the main page or designate their message for alumni of a specific treatment center.

Plus, through the app, there is access to scheduled meetings where Alumni can connect with each other virtually.

The App also gives alumni the ability to:

  • Track progress.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Join a wellness challenge.
  • Read articles, listen to podcasts, watch videos.
  • Stay connected to treatment center staff.

A NEW feature added to the app “Family Support” enables family or loved ones to connect with each other to offer their support.

When you join the Family Support Team on our Alumni App, you’ll gain valuable tools like:

  • A support network of peers where you can share content and engage with other families.
  • A gratitude journal to capture positive moments.
  • Inspirational content that includes videos and podcasts.
  • A recovery counter so you can keep track of healing milestones.

We know privacy is important, especially with technology. To maintain privacy, the Family Support track is kept separate from the Alumni track. This ensures family members and alumni can share safely with only their respective peers.

Why Technology Is Important in Recovery

Since technology is so fully embedded in our daily lives, it will likely continue to play a crucial role in recovery, as new technologies are constantly under development. Technology helps researchers better understand the reasons behind addiction and how to help those in treatment manage their recovery journey. It can also help directly address addiction and recovery symptoms.

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