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Known for the famous St. Mary’s Feast Celebration, the city of Cranston is a suburb of Providence that is home to 82,500 people.1 Like many cities in the U.S. Cranston has felt the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. In 2022, there were 15 opioid-related overdose fatalities in Cranston in the first half of the year. In addition, there were 152 overdose-related EMS runs in Cranston in the first half of 2022.2

There are a number of resources available to help people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in Cranston. At AdCare’s Rhode Island inpatient addiction treatment center our team of addiction specialists help provide transformational recovery to individuals struggling with substance dependence. Our campus is conveniently close to both the airport, downtown Providence, and Rhode Island’s pristine beaches.

Rehab Near Cranston
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Addiction Treatment Near Cranston

Choosing the right rehab program is an important decision. For some, getting away from the “people and places” that may have played a role in their addiction is necessary for getting a fresh start.3For others, staying close to their support network is a critical factor. Choosing a rehab close to home but in a new environment can be a good compromise that gives you the best of both worlds
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Cranston Addiction Statistics
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Cranston Substance Use Statistics

In Rhode Island, the average prevalence of past-year substance use disorder (SUD) between 2017 and 2019 was 8.7% (or 79,000 people).5 Providence County itself reported high rates of adult smoking, problematic drinking, and alcohol-impaired driving deaths.6

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