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The city of Springfield, Massachusetts—known as the “City of Firsts”—is widely known as the birthplace of basketball. Unfortunately, like other cities and towns in Massachusetts and across America, many of Springfield’s residents are affected by drug and alcohol misuse and addiction.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, help is available. This page will provide useful information about types of addiction treatment, drug and alcohol rehabs near Springfield, MA, and additional resources to help you find addiction treatment in Massachusetts.

Rehab Near Springfield
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Addiction Treatment Center Near Springfield

Substance use disorders can be treated and there are several options available when looking for drug rehabs in Massachusetts. AdCare has multiple locations in MA as well as drug and alcohol rehabs in Rhode Island. AdCare Hospital in Worcester, MA, is an addiction rehab near Springfield, MA.

Each AdCare location has a dedicated care team comprised of the most experienced physicians, nurses, therapists, and staff, to ensure you receive the highest quality addiction treatment. We offer several levels of rehab and customize each person’s treatment plan to ensure their individual needs are met.
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Springfield Addiction Statistics
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Springfield Substance Use Statistics

The city of Springfield and Hampden County, where Springfield is located, both reported significantly more addiction treatment admissions than many of the other cities and counties in the state of Massachusetts.1

During FY 2022, the top 2 primary substances reported in all substance use treatment admissions in MA were:1

  • Heroin/Fentanyl: 38%
  • Alcohol: 36%

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