AdCare Rhode Island Pays Tribute to Veterans

Substance use disorders (SUD) impact many individuals, including our war heroes and veterans. Active-duty service members and veterans alike have risked the ultimate sacrifice for the good of our country. The gravity of this weight, the trauma, in addition to the experiences on the battlefield have led some down a path towards alcohol and/or drug misuse. AdCare Treatment Centers, located in Rhode Island, is a rehab facility that provides a Salute to Recovery program dedicated to the needs of these heroic individuals.

In the same vein as its parent company, American Addiction Centers (AAC), a nationwide leader in addiction treatment, AdCare offers hope to those who may feel there is none. On October 8, 2021, AdCare celebrated the opening of the “Walk of Peace & Hope,” which is dedicated to “those who have faced war within and without.” It’s a peaceful trail on the facility property that was inspired and developed by the staff itself.

“The Walk of Peace & Hope promises to enhance the treatment experiences of patients, including veterans and active-duty military, for years to come,” shared AdCare Rhode Island CEO Fred Trapassi.

The celebration consisted of remarks from a veteran currently in treatment, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Mr. Trapassi and Admissions Supervisor Michelle Lavoie cutting the ribbon, and a dedication led by Kayla Cunningham dedicating a bench in memory of her brother, Andrew Cunningham. Ms. Lavoie named the walkway; her inspired words were chosen from a naming contest entry. And Ms. Cunningham had the opportunity to honor her late brother, who passed away in 2018, with part of the bench inscription wording: “Music is a Safe Kind of High.”

The staff and guests had the pleasure of walking along the trail and taking in the beauty and tranquility of nature, and afterwards reconvened in the dining room at the end for camaraderie and delicious refreshments.


General Overview and Salute to Recovery

AdCare provides virtual support meetings, telehealth services, family services, criminal justice services, inpatient and outpatient treatment care, and the incredible Salute to Recovery program.

The program is available for U.S. Armed Forces, veterans, and first responders (current and retired). First responders include:

  • Firefighters.
  • Police officers.
  • Probation and correctional officers.
  • Emergency dispatchers.
  • Emergency medical services providers.

We treat those battling with alcohol or opioid misuse, as well as provide withdrawal and detox.
The program has been tailored to fit the unique needs of veterans and first responders. Treatment includes:

  • Trauma-based therapies.
  • Trauma groups.
  • Pain management.
  • Emotional regulation strategies.
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment.
  • Nutrition guidance.
  • Coping skills.
  • 12-steps groups.
  • Behavioral therapy.
  • Recreational and alternative therapies.
  • Relapse prevention strategies.
  • Aftercare planning.

It’s important for veterans as well as others to understand that help is within reach. Although facing the struggles of drug and/or alcohol misuse and given the choice to enter into treatment may be daunting, scary, and may even feel hopeless, it’s not. There’s always hope. There’s always a path to sobriety. And like the “Walk of Peace & Hope” at AdCare Treatment Centers that lives up to its name, veterans have the opportunity to create their own path to recovery.

You aren't alone. You deserve to get help.
We've been helping New England battle addiction for over 45 years. At AdCare, we offer a wide range of addiction treatment programs to accommodate each patient’s unique situation. Our inpatient, outpatient, and family services are run by a compassionate team of addiction treatment professionals who are ready to guide you on the road to recovery.

Traveling for healthcare & essential services is permitted across the US. Addiction treatment is essential, and we are here for our patients in this difficult time. AdCare is taking every precaution to ensure patient and staff safety. We are able to test incoming patients and anyone feeling unwell to ensure peace of mind and focus on addiction treatment.