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At AdCare, we are dedicated to the health of our communities. We not only provide high-quality treatment and education in our inpatient and outpatient facilities, we now offer daily remote learning sessions for individuals who want to learn more about addiction, coping skills, recovery, and general wellness. Whether you are you struggling or you love someone who is, we’re here for you. All you have to do is call.

Educational Sessions

Topic: Fear
Date: 03/18/2020
Educator: Kevin Stewart
Topic: Boundaries
Date: 03/19/2020
Educator: Elizabeth Jubinville
Topic: Stages of Change
Date: 03/20/2020
Educator: Dave Baker
Topic: Cognitive Distortions
Date: 03/23/2020
Educator: John Lekas
Topic: Spirituality in Recovery
Date: 03/24/2020
Educator: Charles Brace
Topic: Creating a routine/schedule (resources)
Date: 03/25/2020
Educator: Maegan Kelley/Jamie Sullivan
Topic: Communication Patterns/Styles
Date: 03/26/2020
Educator: Shaun Kelly
Topic: Introduction to Whole Person Wellness
Date: 03/27/2020
Educator: Stephanie Pratico
Topic: Cross Addiction
Date: 03/30/2020
Educator: Shauna Simpson
Topic: Physical, Psychological, and Social Setups for Cravings
Date: 03/31/2020
Educator: Erin Godfrey
Topic: Dual Diagnosis
Date: 04/01/2020
Educator: Jamie Sullivan/Maegan Kelley
Topic: Building a morning intention and evening gratitude practice
Date: 04/02/2020
Educator: Melinda Baker
Topic: Physical Stress Response/Managing Stressors
Date: 04/03/2020
Educator: Deirdre Daley
Topic: Identifying Personal Strengths/Values (positive affirmations)
Date: 04/06/2020
Educator: Alice Miele
Topic: Managing Boredom
Date: 04/07/2020
Educator: Lana DiCataldo
Topic: Post Acute Withdrawal and managing symptoms
Date: 04/08/2020
Educator: Lisa Alekna
Topic: Relapse Warning Signs
Date: 04/09/2020
Educator: Patricia McBride
Topic: Maintaining motivation in sobriety
Date: 04/10/2020
Educator: Gladys Rodriguez Medina
Topic: Setting and Pursuing Goals
Date: 04/13/2020
Educator: Elizabeth Dwyer
Topic: Anger/developing anger management Skills
Date: 04/14/2020
Educator: Nicole Smith
Topic: Managing difficult emotions in recovery
Date: 04/15/2020
Educator: Gracie Alleyne Popo
Topic: Recovery and the Family
Date: 04/16/2020
Educator: Shawn Blagden
Topic: Recognizing and Managing Symptoms of Depression
Date: 04/17/2020
Educator: Suji Roderick
Topic: Recognizing and Managing Symptoms of Anxiety
Date: 04/20/2020
Educator: Odney Gelin
Topic: Stigma and the way we talk about addiction
Date: 04/21/2020
Educator: Emily Joyce Brady
Topic: Self-Esteem
Date: 04/22/2020
Educator: Kelsey Quinn
Topic: Introduction to self help: AA, NA, SMART Recovery, Alanon, Refuge Recovery
Date: 04/23/2020
Educator: Judith Ward