Criminal Justice Services

In collaboration with the Office of Community Corrections, the county-based Sheriff’s Departments, Probation, Parole, and the Department of Correction, AdCare Criminal Justice Services (ACJS) provides a variety of intermediate sanction treatment programs through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. ACJS is the largest single provider of community corrections education and treatment services in the Commonwealth, with programs in Barnstable, Bristol, Essex, Hampshire, and Suffolk Counties.

Substance Abuse Treatment

The ACJS treatment model that operates at the Community Corrections Centers is based on research that demonstrates the effectiveness of treatment programs in reducing recidivism. All of AdCare’s programs are directed at increasing an alternatively sanctioned offender’s accountability and responsibility, and to effect positive behavioral change. For lowest possible relapse and recidivism rate, as well as meaningful growth-oriented recovery, services focus on measurable sobriety and crime-free living, relapse prevention, and pro-social life skills development.

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Adult Education

As part of the multidisciplinary team providing treatment to criminal offenders, ACJS Adult Educators facilitate academic and vocational skill building groups. Specialized Educational services allow for treatment concepts to be integrated with academic programming and for classes to be taught in a manner most conducive to the learning style of individuals in early recovery. Educators also teach skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and professional communication styles to the criminal justice client preparing to enter the work force.

The ACJS treatment model integrates 12-Step philosophy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and therapeutic community resocialization principles organized in a standardized curriculum that allows for consistency and accountability.

Life-skills Programs and Vocational Readiness

Many criminal offenders have deficits in a multitude of life skills that are essential for living lives free of substance abuse and criminal behavior. The ACJS curriculum has been designed to respond to this need. Groups and case management services include opportunities for offenders to build competency in all areas of life management, including budgeting, meeting legal obligations, accessing services, planning and organizing, and seeking help appropriately. Job developers work with sentenced offender to develop the skills, demeanor, and resources necessary to seek and maintain employment upon release from correctional sanctions. Job skills and life-skills are powerful tools that can greatly reduce the likelihood of both relapse and recidivism.

Credentialed educators prepare offenders for the GED test, assist in building competency in academic skill-deficit areas, and assist offenders in registering for ongoing community based academic programs at local junior colleges, colleges, and universities.

Reentry Support

ACJS operates a toll-free reentry support line available to all men and women who have completed ACJS programs. In addition, offender specific aftercare and early recovery groups are available to newly released inmates in many of our outpatient locations. These groups offer the offender-specific support that is crucial to the man or woman navigating the complex challenges of early recovery and reintegration.

Offender Assessment

Critical to maximizing limited dollars within the criminal justice system.

Corrections-Offender Assessment

The accurate assessment of the level of risk / need that each offender has is critical to maximizing limited treatment dollars within the criminal justice system. Using a comprehensive protocol, ACJS can evaluate the criminogenic needs and make treatment recommendations for each individual to assist in the classification process.

Forensic assessment have value to the Trial Courts, the Parole and Probation Departments, and the Criminal Justice system as a whole. ACJS is the only vendor who can provide training in these types of assessments by credentialed trainers. These assessment services are available as a key portion of our comprehensive program model or as a stand-alone service.


Corrections Services

ACJS seeks to increase public safety by reducing recidivism through the development, implementation and management of effective offender treatment and education.

The Accountability Training Program® is a comprehensive system of program management, operational standards, and offender-curriculum compiled by Stephen K. Valle, Sc.D., M.B.A. This is the cornerstone of ACJS’s public safety model of treatment.

Working in full partnership with Criminal Justice system administrators and managers, ACJS provides a range of services that meet the specific and unique needs of the sentenced offender and that assist institutions in inmate management and recidivism reduction.

In research funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ours is the only model of correctional treatment that has been independently evaluated and proven to reduce recidivism and result in taxpayer saving (Klien and Wilson, 2003). ACJS is the only vendor in the commonwealth to achieve such a distinction.


Mental Health Services

AdCare Criminal Justice Services has responded to the urgent need for the care and management of incarcerated people with mental disorders by developing a model forensic mental health delivery system. Through proper staff training and orientation of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other clinicians in assessment and intervention strategies, ACJS has been able to drastically reduce the cost of psychotropic medication while increasing the quality of mental health care provided to inmates.

The ACJS model Mental Health Services program focuses on screening and identifying need, crisis intervention, short-term treatment/stabilization, management of psychotropic medication, utilization review, case management/referral services, and coordination of post-commitment care.

The ACJS model integrates self-help philosophy, cognitive-behavioral techniques,and therapeutic community (TC) re-socializing principles organized in a standardized curriculum that allows for consistency and accountability.

Incarceration based Substance Abuse Programs

AdCare Criminal Justice Services has written, developed and implemented curriculum driven substance abuse treatment programs for incarcerated men and women throughout the criminal justice system. On both the state and country levels, programs have been designed to meet the individual needs of the correctional system and its inmate population.

ACJS offers a complete female offender program model which provides women with the unique opportunity to engage in intensive treatment that is both gender specific and curriculum driven and that captures the key proven components of the nationally evaluated model.

The ACJS substance abuse treatment model is based on research that demonstrates the effectiveness of treatment programs in reducing recidivism. While this integrative approach of standardized lectures and workshops form the backbone of intensive substance abuse treatment programs, each inmate’s treatment is individualized through assessment tools and treatment planning sessions with his or her primary facilitator.

Impaired Driving

AdCare Criminal Justice Services and its principals represent the nation’s most experienced leaders in providing intensive, mandated treatment for the multiple D.W.I. offender. Our model treatment programs for the impaired driver repeat offender have received national recognition in several publications and media outlets.

AdCare’s treatment program for the multiple D.W.I. offender has consistently resulted in one of the lowest recidivism rates in the country.

Corrections Technical Assistance

ACJS can provide a number of services to assist in the evaluation of correctional program models.

System-wide needs assessment, human service management, technical writing, accreditation preparation, clinical supervision and professional training are just some of the services that ACJS has provided.

All services of this type are developed in conjunction with the contracting agency or individual and the programmatic goals it seeks to achieve. To develop an institution specific training or clinical supervision plan, please contact us directly.

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