In order to recover from an alcohol or drug dependency, you need access to specialized care.


Here at AdCare, we offer several levels of treatment options, all run by specialized staff. We also offer programs to involve families throughout treatment, since families suffer because of alcohol and drug dependency along with their loved ones.

AdCare provides an array of treatment options through our extended network, providing you with care that allows you to look forward to recovery:


While some people still believe those with addictive disorders need only pull themselves up by the bootstraps, we at AdCare Hospital understand that this approach does not work. Fortunately, as attitudes toward addiction evolve, more people view treatment as the key to recovery.

“AdCare is the best place I’ve been and I’ve learned so much here at AdCare. I’m very, very grateful for AdCare, because I’m leaving here feeling so good and stable. Thank you, staff, for a new life.”