Our Philosophy


For over forty years, AdCare has helped individuals and families strugging with alcohol and drug use… one life at a time.


The AdCare name represents innovation, quality and cost efficiency in alcohol and drug treatment. AdCare’s integrated system of care offers a nationally-recognized hospital facility in Worcester, Massachusetts; an inpatient treatment center in North Kingstown, Rhode Island; and a network of outpatient offices conveniently located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


AdCare embraces a philosophy of quality-driven, patient-centered programs that are also relevant to the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. AdCare’s continuum of treatment levels and modalities enables us to match the needs of the patient with the most appropriate level and cost of care.


We believe that addiction is a disease that affects not only the individual, but his or her family as well. Successful treatment requires placement at the appropriate level of care and involvement of the family throughout the treatment continuum. This treatment philosophy has allowed us to advocate for the patient while remaining responsive to the interests of commercial healthcare companies, Medicare, and other insurers.

Headshot of AdCare intervention services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island CEO David W. Hillis

A Tradition of Caring

Excerpt from Chair and CEO, David W. Hillis

Across generations, the Hillis family has provided excellence in health care. From general to specialty hospital services, Hillis family members have embraced a commitment to delivering quality, caring treatment to each and every patient.


Today, third-generation Hillis family members are actively involved in AdCare’s daily operations. Together with our extended family of experienced and dedicated employees, we will continue the AdCare tradition of providing quality alcohol and drug care to individuals and families struggling with alcohol and drug use.