Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Servicing Massachusetts and Rhode Island

AdCare offers a range of alcohol and drug addiction treatment services to patients seeking compassionate care and guidance. The first steps to getting help are identifying the warning signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug misuse, as well as understanding what kinds of treatment programs can be expected, depending on the type and level of addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

While each patient’s case is unique, there are several symptoms and behaviors common to everyone struggling with addiction. People with an alcohol or drug problem may notice:

  • An intense desire for the substance, especially if felt at all times of the day, every day.
  • A high tolerance for the substance, or the feeling of needing more and more to achieve a desired effect.
  • Spending increasing amounts of money on the substance, even if it becomes unaffordable.
  • Decreased social activity and work performance, or strained relationships with family and friends.
  • An increase in high-risk behavior, such as driving under the influence, stealing, or associating with dangerous people.
  • Physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit using.

The presence of any or all of these symptoms may indicate that it’s time to seek treatment.

Kinds of Addiction Treatment

Once a patient’s unique needs are determined, the AdCare team can get to work on the treatment program best suited to the situation.

Some patients may opt for an inpatient program, which addresses addiction from a medical perspective and focuses on physical dependence. Safe, monitored detoxification, usually lasting 3 to 5 days, is an important part of this recovery process. Comfort medications are provided to ease any nausea or anxiety experienced during detox. The following rehabilitation, usually lasting 14 to 28 days, assists patients with the psychological and social aspects of alcohol and drug misuse, teaching them how to cope with sobriety and avoid relapse.

Outpatient services are also available for patients who have completed a detox program, or for patients seeking flexible treatment due to work or family constraints. Individual and group counseling, educational sessions, and family services are all part of outpatient treatment, which has multiple day and night sessions per week.

If you have noticed the symptoms of addiction in your life or the life of a loved one, it may be time to seek help. Call today to get started on the road to recovery.